Window Coverings – Do them myself or ask for help?

There is just something that happens to a room when window treatments are added.  They become the eye makeup to a window.  The room becomes friendly and people are pulled into the area like a hug.  Fabric softens the hard edges of a room.
For all of the effect, the cost can be intimidating.  And therefore, to make the window treatment more affordable, we look for ways to do some of the steps ourselves.  If you know what you are doing some of the steps are doable.  If you do not, then it is best to know where to find help.

There are FOUR PARTS to handling most window coverings:

  1. Fabric and design of the window treatment
  2. Hardware to hang the fabric
  3. Workmanship of the window treatment
  4. Installation onto the wall

Fabric – gorgeous fabrics in endless colors and patterns are available.  Some are best for panels.  Others are best for valences and padded cornices.  If you can find the fabric, just perfect for your room, we can help have them made and hung.  But if fabric contents and color combinations are confusing, we have many great sources in as many price ranges to take the mystery out of the choice;  the right fabric and a flattering design that will make your windows ” pop “.

Hardware – While valences and cornices do not require visable hardware, panels depend on rings, brackets and poles.  We have seen all variations and quite a few mistakes in choices.  One of the most common errors is the telescoping rod found in do-it-yourself departments.  At the end of the day, the panel may be longer on one side than the other.  We much prefer the rod that is cut to fit the window and know you will too.

Workmanship – Panels sold in packages are convenient with no waiting.  However, the length is usually too short and a single panel is too narrow.  If your windows ask for more width or length than standard, a custom panel is more cost effective……. and looks much more finished.

Installation – My husband, Dave, says that he is not paid for the bracket he installs, but for knowing where to put that bracket.  Some people know when to us a toggle and when a screw will do.  Others may not realize that there is a time to make the treatments  level to the ceiling and when to make them level to the window.  Installing treatments that are secure and level is truly a skill.

We are experienced and very helpful in all areas of window treatment — from design to installation.  Whatever part of the process you want to do on your own is fine.  But — we are available for all stages in creating the perfect fit for your decor.