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Lampe Berger

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It’s love at first scent! For over a century, people have fallen in love with the elegant beauty and awe-inspiring scents of the Lampe Berger, which is a tiny catalytic burner disguised as a timeless work of art, that not only cleanses the air but rejuvenates it with an assortment of enchanting luscious fragrances. If seeing is believing, close your eyes, breathe in and tell us what you see!

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The Catalytic Lamp

It is more than a century old and still holds many mysteries. Become an expert ” The Lampe Berger” In the beginning, the Lampe Berger was only intended to clean the air of hospitals and eliminate germs. Over the years, the perfume dimension has been added to this use. The diffused fragrance became more pleasant allowing the catalytic lamp to become more popular amongst households. Your home is an environment in which you spend a lot of time, so it must be clean and healthy. Your grandparents understood this and trusted Lampe Berger. Collaborations with the grandiose designers of the time also put Lampe Berger on the map. This product has gone through decades and fashions. The style of the lamp has evolved enormously in recent years, and designers are continuously sought out for the development and collaboration of new collections.

Here is a list of the fragrances we carry:

  • Air Pur So Neutral
  • Aloe Vera Water
  • *Amber Elegance
  • Aquatic Wood
  • Altantic Tide
  • Bomeo Teakwood
  • Candy App NEW C4
  • Citrus Breeze
  • Charleston
  • Cherry Blossom
  • *Coconut Monoi
  • Cotton Caress
  • Creme Brulee
  • Dellcate White Musk
  • Enchanting Sandalwood
  • *Eternal Sap
  • Exquisite Sparkle C4
  • AROMA D Stress-Sweet Friuts
  • Festive Fir C4
  • Forest Mist
  • Fresh Eucaiyptus
  • Fresh Linen
  • Fresh Wood
  • Grapefruit Passion
  • Green Apple
  • Hawain Lime
  • Heavenly Spruce C4
  • *Heavenly Sun
  • Hibiscus Love
  • Home Sweet Home C4
  • Imperial White Tea
  • Lavender Fields
  • Lemon Flower
  • Liberty Bouquet
  • Lolita Lempicka
  • *Lychee Paradise
  • Mystery Patchouli
  • New Orleans
  • *Nympheas
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Orange Blossom
  • Orange Cinnamon
  • Oriental Star
  • Paris Chic
  • Precious Jasmine
  • Precious Rosewood
  • Pure White Tea
  • Radiant Bergarnot
  • Red Berries C4
  • SandalWood Temptation
  • *Silk Touch
  • Summer Night
  • Summer Rain
  • Sweet Fig
  • Tropical Mango
  • Under the Olive Tree New C4
  • Vanilla Gourmet
  • Virginia Cedarwood
  • Wild Flower
  • Wild Wood
  • Winter Joy C4
  • Winterwood
  • Zest of Verbena
  • AROMA Dream-Dellicate Amber
  • AROMA Relax-Oriental Comfort
  • AROMA Energy-Sparkling Zest
  • AROMA Happy-Aquatic Freshness
  • *AROMA Love-Voracious Flower
  • AROMA Focus-Aromatic Leaves
  • Sweet Pear
  • Musk Flowers
  • AROMA Wake Up-Woody Breeze

2022 Lampe Berger Monthly Fragrances:

Summer Rain & Lavender Fields
Fresh Eucalyptus & Precious Jasmine
Green Apple & Eternal Sap
Orange Cinnamon & Sweet Pear
Home Sweet Home & Virginia Cedarwood
Festive Fir & Heavenly Spruce